5 questions before upgrading your phone

Spoiler: You probably don’t need an upgrade.

Upgrade season is ahead.

Google, Apple, and Samsung will be dropping their best devices ever. Of course, they are but you, the average person, wonder if the device is actually the greatest ever. It is but not by much.

Today, I’m going to give you some pointers about phone upgrades.

Questions about upgrades are asked of me more than any other.

Most of the time the updates are minimal. Camera upgrades, an hour more battery life, a better screen, and a faster processor. These slight increases in technology don’t mean you need to upgrade. Instead, you can do other things to freshen up an old phone. But there’s a few instances where you should.

Here’s what I ask:

Do you have a lot of disposable income?

If you have a ton of disposable income and want to get a new device go for it.

Is your device damaged?

If your device is damaged it could be a good time to upgrade. If the screen is the only part damaged it would be much cheaper to replace the screen. But if there is more damage then wait until the new one comes out and then upgrade.

Does the battery die fast?

Out-of-warranty battery replacements have become cheaper than it was in the past.

Apple offers $60 battery replacements and they can be done with official Apple parts from Best Buy or Apple store.

Best Buy charges $79 for the highest-end Samsung phone. Samsung doesn’t have an easy-to-find price for their official replacement but Best Buy is an official partner so I would assume they are the same price.

You can see for less than $100 you can get the battery life back.

Also, the fix could be free just by factory resetting your phone. MAKE SURE TO BACK UP FIRST.

How old is your device?

Age isn’t necessarily the main factor. Instead, you need to know if you are able to get the latest version of the operating system for your phone. NOTE: This can vary by your mobile phone service provider except for Apple devices.

If this answer is no, it’s time to upgrade. If they aren’t making updates for your phone anymore, you’re vulnerable to hacks and viruses.

Why do you want to upgrade?

This is the last question, I always ask. This helps understand the motive behind the upgrade.

Is there a feature you really want? Do you need more storage for photos, music, and documents?

If so an upgrade might be for you assuming you have enough money to not put yourself in a bad situation financially.

In the end, this choice is subjective. In most situations, you can buy a new case and make it feel new again.


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