Algorithms are in the cookbook of technology

Algorithms use include the internet and in the devices we use everyday.

Ever heard the term serving up content?

There’s one other type of person you would think of serving up an item. A chef. They serve up food. Chefs have an algorithm, and you probably use it too.

You call it a recipe.

A chef with a white jacket and black hat holding a vodka bottle. Serving up food from a pan with a flame. Algorithms serve up content like a chef serves up food.
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Algorithms are the recipe to serve up the answer to one problem.

It’s a set of guidelines for calculations or problem-solving. A number of clear steps to solve a clear and defined problem. It must be clear with one interpretation for any language.

Using algorithms

Algorithms provide the majority of the content you see on the internet.

Social media is the first place you think of, but they’re use is all over the technology landscape. Your company uses them to solve problems in their in-house applications. News sites use them to give you the news you care about. Even your mobile phone uses them to help you without you asking.

Here’s some other tech using algorithms:

  • DNA identification
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Security and privacy of banking transactions
  • Routing of shipping transportation for fuel savings and shorter routes

The characteristics of an algorithm

Here’s the 5 characteristics an algorithm must have

  1. Must be clear with one interpretation.
  2. They need to have an ending so you can get a result to the problem.
  3. The inputs and outputs must be defined so you get the correct results.
  4. They must be able to use any language.
  5. Every step should do work towards the result.

Designing an algorithm

Algorithms are built to solve a problem.

So, you must start with a clear problem to solve. Then you need a set of constraints to solve the problem. Once you have the problem and the constraints, you need the information to process to solve the problem. Then you need the output to give you the solution. The solution should you get should fall within the constraints. If the solution doesn’t fall within the restraints, you need to the information given.

Algorithms must be efficient because of a lack of computer resources.

After it’s design an analysis is done. This analysis allows you to figure out how much computer power it needs. This analysis is for predicting the behavior of the algorithm without having to install it on a computer. You wouldn’t want to load the it just to find out it’s too much for your server.

The analysis makes sure it’s using more resources than expectations.


Algorithms are easy in their design but complex in what they process. They’re essential to most of the technology you use and will be integrated more into our daily lives.

Tons of work go into an algorithm.

And you’ll won’t notice it’s there.

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