Growing Brands with Decade Investor

In August, Kolin Hayes reached out for some help in growing his personal brand. He runs a brand called Decade Investor. It was started to promote investing to a younger crowd. He helps people grow their investment knowledge by sharing his knowledge about dividend investing.

At the time, Decade Investor was a Twitter account with a few thousand followers. He wasn’t scared to create but he was ready to expand. Here’s how we transformed his Twitter account into a community of 30,000+.

Do your research before trying to help them grow.

When working on this type of project, do your research and ask questions. You need the whole picture to grow the brand. Otherwise, you will miss areas for extra growth.

The research found more than a Twitter account. He had a landing page, YouTube channel, eBook, and Podcast. All had a decent following.

He had stopped creating everywhere. Instead started focusing only on Twitter. Normally, this would be okay. But he had a good following everywhere and there was no reason to lose his other audiences

Growth was slowing everywhere except Twitter.  Production needed to start on the other platforms. So starting them back up was the first step.

Connecting the pieces

Now everything was back running. It was time to bring everything together. The goal is to give the audience different content on each platform. This helps build trust.

Most accounts focus on investing but different branding. His YouTube channel teaches investing. A rebrand was the first action. He did the rebrand and it is now part of the brand.

Next, we addressed the podcast. It’s about motivation not investing. It’s branding was kept separate. It was brought into the brand with the next move.

The final piece

Next, he needed a domain name. The best choice was and it was available. He bought it and linked it to his landing page.

In this case, the landing page connects his accounts and offers. Now when you go to you’re greeted with everywhere to find him.

Instagram Growth

Then his Twitter posts started being used by other people on Instagram. He wasn’t getting credit. There wasn’t a Decade Investor account. It was time to grow Instagram and get his due credit.

He created an Instagram account. I told him he needed to engage with the posts using his content. This would help him be seen by the people already enjoying his content.

As a result, he had 500 followers, almost overnight. He started posting daily on Instagram. Now there are over 7700 followers and he’s growing fast.

Future Growth

A self-hosted website is coming in the future. This will help further expansion. It will host articles for monetization. Blog articles will draw his audience closer and allow SEO to bring a larger community. It will have all of his content in one place.

Proof is in the Results

With my help, Kolin took a Twitter account to a full-fledged brand. His brand is serving a growing community of 35,000+. The best part?


The brand is everywhere the potential audience is. For an online content creator, there’s no better place to be. If you wanna learn the steps to you next move, make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter below.

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