Online Growth, Recognizing Your Next Move

There’s no wrong way for online growth. However, you need a strategy. Strategy is the GPS for growing your audience online. You always need to know you next turn.

Your next move must be based on your current progress. If you’re stuck in this dilemma, this article for you.

Just starting online growth

When you’re just starting to grow a following, practice is what you need. Growth on any platform is dependent on good writing. So you need to practice your writing. This will give you the skills to command an audience.

I would recommend trying to write at least 200 words every day. These 200 words don’t have to be perfect. This exercise is for helping work your brain into shape. Over time your writing skills will get better.

While you’re practicing, study people with good engagement. These people know how to build an engaged audience. Building an engaged audience must be your goal if you want to find any success online.

Once you have a bunch of followers, the following is worthless unless they’re reading your content. You’ll know they’re reading if they are engaging. If they’re not engaging then you are just wasting your time.

Growth at 500 Followers

At 500 followers you built enough of an audience it would pay to start applying your learning to this point. Take the things you learned one step further and apply them. This is a good time to start creating evergreen content.

A newsletter is a must at this point. Writing engaging newsletters takes a special skill. Headlines are tricky and then you still have to get them read. Then a blog or YouTube channel.

You need to start building evergreen content. Social media content only has a shelf life or a day or two. Evergreen content is where you will drive your audience in the future. It’s the stuff that will be relevant for years to come.

When your account gets larger people will be looking for content to dig into. Also, this content will bring new people in as you start ranking content in the search engines.

This is where a blog and/or YouTube come into play. Both types of content are searchable. Even though YouTube is considered evergreen you still need to be aware you could lose your account time they choose.

4000-5000 Followers

By this point you will have a good number of followers that also have a lot of followers. It’s time to start looking into podcasts.

Podcasts have specifics on how they must be launched. When you first drop a podcast you want to have a minimum of 6 episodes ready. This will give listeners more to consume in your first week. Doing this helps you rank in the new and noteworthy section.

The reason you wanna wait until 4-5000 followers is for reach. You wanna make sure the people in your first 6 episodes have a large following. When the episode drops they’ll release the info to their followings. This will help you get more ears to listen to and grow your podcast fast.

Find the people in your network with the highest number of followers. Start reaching out to them. See if you can find 6 who will let you interview them for your podcast. Use them for your first six podcasts. Release it once you have all six recorded. Upload all six at the same time. This is the recommended strategy for starting a podcast.

10,000+ Followers

At 10,000 followers you need to learn how to promote. Promotion is what will help you grow into a business. There are good and bad ways to promote. You need to learn a good way. You don’t want to push your audience away.

Also at this point in your growth, you want to make sure your strategy includes giving tons of value. The value is given and interaction is what will build your engaged audience.


The actual strategies for online growth can work in any order. This line of strategy works well because it gives you time to learn and grow as a creator. People who try to do everything at once burn out and quit. I don’t want to see that happen to you.

If you’re lost in what to do next, use this strategy. It will get you where you want to be.

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