Stop caring about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your content.

Start caring about the social media algorithm instead.

It’s how your writing will get found as a creator.

I’ve read more articles than I can count from searching Google. And subscribed to zero.


Because you’re searching for an answer.

Not new writers to follow.

Writing for SEO fills your writing with extra words and phrases. This isn’t pleasing to the reader. You’re taking away from the message.

SEO is great for content people will search for.

• How to’s
• Courses
• Products

Fill the articles with ads and reap the rewards.

Search engines don’t like duplicate content. This is bad for a content creator trying to build an audience. If you put your best writing on Medium, then what is your website getting? You want you content to be available anywhere people are.

When you stop caring about SEO duplicate content doesn’t matter. A Twitter thread can be posted to Medium and your website. Medium posts can be transferred to Twitter and your website. You get the point.

All your content can be seen anywhere people find you. SEO has a place on the internet. But it’s not optimized for individual creators.

Stop caring like I did and put your content everywhere.

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