Stop Struggling for Content

9 Sources of content inspiration.

Knowing where to find inspiration is a struggle.

It’s 1 of the main causes for creative block.

Luckily, many places exist for inspiration.

After you read this you’ll no longer struggle for content.

Old Content

Reword old content into something fresh. Wording can keep a great idea from resonating. Or give a new viewpoint.

Share your journey

People connect most with stories. Turn your personal story into compelling content. You might pick up a few followers.

Share your failures

Again people love stories. There’s no better way to teach than from experience. 

People with similar interests

There’s a ton of people on your timeline sharing the same interests. Take their posts and remix them from your perspective. Adding your flavor to another’s perspective is an easy way to create.


Certain questions are asked in every niche. Those questions are a gold mine for content. These are the problems people are having. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be asking.


You’re reading books anyway. Drop a summary of what you read. Thoughts, as you read, are good inspiration for fresh content.


Go to YouTube and watch some videos. There will be one that resonates with you. Summarize this video in your own words.


There’s so much inspiration in Podcast form. Instead of mindlessly listening. Start taking notes. Use those notes to create massive amounts of content.

Google searches

Search for topics in your niche. Use what you learn in the results to help spark ideas. It’s an amazing gold mine of ideas.


Content isn’t difficult to find assuming you’re looking for it. Next time you staring at the blank page looking for ideas. Pull up this tweet and remind yourself of the inspiration around you.

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